Sunday, 26 March 2017

It can hardly believe that we have made it to the end of the first quarter of the 2017 FAL already and it's now time to link up your Q1 finishes! In addition to completing all those UFOs on your lists, we hope you have taken the first 3 months of 2017 to get to know all of our new hosts! 

The 2017 FAL has a community of bloggers across the world jointly hosting the FAL. Our hosts are:
  • Sarah - Sew me - Northern Ireland
Social Media Director
  Before you link up, let's give a huge thank you to our fantastic sponsors:  
For the 2017 FAL, we continue tutorial week. Here is the schedule so you can visit them all:
The 2017 Q1 link for your finishes is now open below on my blog and on each of the hosting blogs - you only need to link on one blog for your finish to appear on each blog. Link-up "rules":
  • Add one link for each finish. If you want to link a round up post of all your finishes, use that link to enter one of your finishes and then link the rest of your finishes separately. Please, only one link per finish, as your link is an entry into the randomly drawn prize draws.
  • Please ensure that the photo or blog post you link up contains a link or reference back to your original list so that we can verify your entry (make sure it is from the appropriate quarter).
  • Please become part of the FAL community. Please check out the links of others and comment. We all need encouragement so let's applaud each other. The 2017 FAL Facebook page is here and follow us on Instagram @finishlong and tag your photos #2017FALQ1yourname (substitute your name), this makes it easier for us to match your finishes with your lists.
  • Our hosts will also link their finishes to share in the community, but they are not eligible for any of the prizes.
The Q1 Finishes link will stay open from now through until April 1, 2017 - link up your finishes early and if you have a last minute one, add that one later so you don't miss out. The prizes will be awarded as soon as we can verify all the entries and do the drawings. We will post the winners on each hosts' blog.
And don't forget to start making your Q2 lists as the Q2 list link opens on April 2nd.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Leanne and I are happy to announce the March Scraptastic Tuesday winners.

Here are our fabulous Scraptastic Tuesday Sponsors and their buttons, feel free to click through and thank them for their support:

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors for providing the following prizes which have been awarded randomly as follows.
I'll be getting out the prize emails to the winners as soon possible, please watch your inboxes.

If you have not yet done so, check out the linked up projects, they are lovely, go here. And please plan to join Leanne from She Can Quilt and I on the second Tuesday in March for the next Scraptastic Tuesday link up.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

It's March - Scraptastic Tues/Wednesday Link Up

So I was talking with the lovely Jenny and Jenny at the Sussex Sewing Club in February - yes they are two different and wonderful girls!  We all expressed an interest in making a postage stamp quilt!  Crazy I know! 

Well I have lots of small scraps and think this will be the best way to use them up.  Not sure what everyone else's excuse is??

Chatting on Instagram with Dee and her plan to cut up 2 1/2" squares we agreed to 'meet up' on Tuesdays and cut our scraps whatever size was required with the hashtag #scrappytrimalong !  Everyone is welcome to join in - you know you want to - whether that be cutting or cheering along.

This will hopefully happen every Tuesday!  Little and often will certainly get it done!   As you can see it is working for me....

It's the second Tuesday of the month and that means that the Scraptastic Tuesday link is open. Please share your scrappy projects, in progress or completed or your tips for using or organizing your scraps.

Here are our fabulous Scraptastic Tuesday Sponsors and their buttons, feel free to click through and thank them for their support:

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors for providing the following prizes which will be awarded randomly among those of you who link up.
Please join Leanne from She Can Quilt and I by linking up a blog post or flickr or instagram photo sharing a scrappy project, in progress or finished, or your thoughts on dealing with your scrap mountain:
  • You don't have to have joined us before, everyone is welcome.
  • One link per person, and it will be your entry into the random draw for the prizes. It is the same link up here and at Leanne's blog - She Can Quilt - so you only need to link up on one of our blogs.
  • This link is to share with our community about using your scraps, please don't use it to advertise your own products or events.
  • You can link up from your blog, instagram or flickr, but you have to link up to be entered in the prize draw.
  • Please visit at least a few of the links, they are very inspiring, and leave comments too as everyone loves to connect. 
  • Use the Scraptastic Tuesday button and invite your friends to join us too. Please share our button, or a link or the hashtag #scraptastictuesday in your linked post or photo. 
  • The link is open until next Monday night at 10:00 pm MST. We will announce the winners next Tuesday. 
  • If you have trouble linking up, let me or Leanne know and we will get you sorted.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to share with us this month.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

It's Tuesday and that's Scraptastic!

I feel I should get back into writing up my scrappy adventures so will attempt a weekly post here and not just on Scraptastic Tuesday linking up days.

So I have started my Sibling Together campaign for 2017!  I'm not just using my scraps I'm using other people's too!  

These are the blocks I am asking for this year....that's a shoofly block and one I'm calling a courtyard garden block (I don't know any other name for it).  I have posted instructions for making these here

They make quilts like these.  The first is my trial run and so I used the same blue fabric in the centre, the others are made with donated blocks:

Don't they look different?!  But still similar enough that if we give a quilt to each of the children in a family they will have something tangible that unites them.  It is only a small thing but I hope it will help them inbetween the times when they can be together.

The blocks are very simple, designed that way so anyone and everyone can join in.  

Lots of people are doing just that and I still find it quite wonderful that they do.  I love receiving your squishy packages through the post.  I am squealing with delight on the inside as I don't want to frighten our rather quiet postman nor Maddie the dog, nor provide further proof to the kids of how mad I really am!

Yesterday there was a delivery that didn't fit in our box.

It was this roll of wadding donated by the most lovely Sarah!  She has her hands busy at the moment so is not able to join in with the block making but still wanted to help us make quilts.  Thank you so very much Sarah!

Two years ago when I was making quilts for Siblings Together I used up my own roll of wadding, last year we were makng Quilt As You Go blocks/quilts - I think I will need to wait a while before I take up that method again....!  So this year having a roll of wadding donated is fantastic news!

If you cannot join in making blocks then there are many other ways to help us:

  • donate wadding (this can be pieced Frankenstein style - I found a couple of tutorials on YouTube to help you do this by machine  or by fusible tape )  
  • donate fabric - especially quilt backing
  • donate binding - it is great to have this made for you and scrappy binding is great for the multicoloured block drive quilts 
  •  cheer us on from the sidelines
  • tell other people about the campaign and encourage them to join in!
Or this year I am looking for people to take a quilt top and quilt it - could you be that person?  

These quilt tops don't need anything complicated - simple straight line quilting will look fantastic or you are welcome to try out other overall patterns.   It might be the opportunity you are looking for to practice those quilting skills on your domestic machine or a longarm?  The quilt tops are 60" square and the quilts needs to be finished by July this year 2017.  I can even provide wadding ....and we will pass on any donations of quilt backing we receive.

 Just leave a comment if you can help.  

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Scraptastic Tuesday - February Winners

Hey people it is time to tell you who won the prizes for the February Scraptastic Tuesday link up.

Here are our fabulous Scraptastic Tuesday Sponsors and their buttons, feel free to click through and thank them for their support:

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors for providing the following prizes which have been awarded randomly among those of you who linked up.
Looking forward to next month and hope you will join us on 14th of March.


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