Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Scraptastic Tueday - a new scrap adventure

I may have started a few scrappy things of late....

Eat your Greens - made with anything in my green box and I have yet to decide what to do with them

Nine Patches - don't know whether they will be used to make something else like stars or just used as nine patches plain and simple!

 I may have a few donated projects to finish off for Siblings Together - they count as scrappy too don't they?  Blocks from Gayle, Helen, Catherine and Amanda.   

But my new, new scrappy project is a Double Wedding Ring/Pickle Dish variation quilt.  I have wanted to make one for ages.  I used to think making one of these was the pinnacle of achievement!   Now I'm not so sure...... think there are even more complicated things out there! 

Here is the plan from EQ - The colours are not necessarily what I will choose just what was on EQ and I couldn't be bothered to change those tiny triangles!   As usual I'll be making it up as I go along

And this is my progress so far...big blocks 12" finished so they are going together quite easily!

I think I can put lots of scraps into these arcs though the background isn't scrap!   Bit of a hybrid project really.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Finishalong - missing quilt no 3

Really no idea why this quilt wasn't shared on my blog when I finished it!?  Well I did show it in this post, but I didn't give it the full story!

When Leanne and I started out on our #Scraptastictuesday linky party adventure in October 2014 I decided I wanted to make a scrappy sort of Liberty sampler quilt. 

I designed this on EQ with lots of different but some similar blocks from the EQ6 library.  

Several blocks are repeated giving prominence to different parts of the block, each having a different name; eg churn dash, greek square, shoo fly.   Some are repeated in a different size and/or colourway.    Several of the blocks have similar geometric elements in them; squares, triangles.  This was an attempt to make the quilt cohesive, to work as a whole, as I knew there would be lots of colour and pattern going into this quilt.  I wasn't wrong!

I have been posting about the blocks, with simplified instructions/measurements on how to make them,  all the way through and have a page dedicated to it here.  I may have lapsed a bit towards the end but this summer hols seems to be a good time to remedy that.  So if you want you can make your own version.

I have really enjoyed putting some of my Liberty fabrics together with solids and prints!   I think it works, both in the individual blocks and as a whole.  Up till now I seem to have been collecting Lilberty rather than using it!

I had a bolt of Liberty fabric bought in a junk/antique shop for a very good price and used it on the back.  Here is a glimpse of it's floral beauty - think it might be a lightweight curtain fabric rather than the lovely Tana lawn used elsewhere.

I did start machine quilting this quilt with horizontal lines spaced about half an inch apart...

 ....but having done quite a bit I decided I didn't like it, unpicked it, stabilised the layers with a bit of stitching in the ditch and then added some hand quilting details !   

Like it much better now!

And here it is in all it's chaotic glory!  Some blocks and filler strips added, some block have moved from my original plan, but still true to my original vision and even better in real life I think!

Almost forgot to link to my Q2 starter list!

Linking up to 
2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Finish Along missing quilt no 2

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Well if you read this post I am not going to repeat myself!   If you haven't then I invite you to do so first if you want to understand what comes next!

But you may prefer to just look at the pretty photos!

This is another quilt in the foody swirl series!

I made this quilt with help from my lovely friend Jo who is part of my Siblings Together Bee, which I love and cherish! 

This is the Blueberry Pie version and Jo sent me all kinds of help to get this quilt started and finished.   She sent me blocks, background fabric, filling strips, backing fabric and binding!  

Well she almost made it herself!  Thanks so much Jo - I don't think I would have even started without your awesome help!

Here are the other swirly ones!

The reason for making so many similar quilts - not something I usually do - is to give a group of siblings in care in the UK a quilt that relate to each other!   Another way to help them feel like a family with ties to each other in a crazy world that keeps them apart most of the time!  Thanks to the charity Siblings Together they get to spend precious time together.

Simple tutorial for this block/quilt here!

Finish Along missing quilt no 1

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

So I have been checking through the list on my Quilt Finishes 2015 page!   It seems I am quite good at displaying a photo of each quilt I finish there but not so good of late in blogging about them....naughty me!

I want to correct that by sharing about a quilt for the fabulous charity Siblings Together.   It uses the same pattern I designed as Marmalade Swirl and Raspberry Ripple (see below)

but in a different colourway....

This one is called Victoria Plum Duff because it is purple and because I got some amazing generous help to complete this quilt from the lovely Victoria @sewgoclimbing.   She really is a star!   

Victoria really loves purple!   I am more of a green fan so thought she might be able to provide some purple scraps for the 'filling'.   When I asked her she was preparing to go to Edinburgh for a few day but still managed to find the time to put all the 'filling' purple strips together !   Not only that, I had asked for scraps, and Victoria generously used up her scraps and stash - I cannot thank her enough!

Here is the quilt we made together...

Making these Siblings Together quilts with help from lots of lovely people I have realised just how generous the quilting community is.  So thanks my friend Victoria for this one!

You can read more about the charity Siblings Together here, and read about the campaign some lovely quilty people have run this year, to provide a quilt for each child participating in the summer camps, here.   We had the target of 100 quilts and with lots of help have exceeded it!  Well done everyone!

Want to be a part of it next year?   Leave a comment below and I will tell you the ways you can help!  

I am currently looking for bee friendly people to set up one or two more Siblings Together bees - starting in August/September - we make large easy blocks from stash and quilt them simply so anyone can join in the fun.  If you have never been in a bee before now is your chance to join up...

Simple tutorial for this quilt/block here

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday - only a little scrappiness!

Scraptastic Tuesday

Well still not much scrappiness here!  I do hope you are being scrappier than me!   I will definitely manage something in a couple of weeks for our link up on 14th July.

Here we go  ....a scrappy tree!

The inspiration came from this .... the travelling row quilt that we are making for our lovely Stingy Bee mate Lucy, or rather for her son!

The above rows are from Lucy, Sheila and Collette.

I think I will be keeping the scrappy tree and just making the 'one print' ones...

Looks like I'm well ahead of this bee obligation as I have till the end of August to finish my row.

Leanne has been up to some scrappiness too - in fact I don't think she is throwing anything away now.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday - what can I say?

Scraptastic Tuesday

I don't believe it - I haven't been working with scraps recently!   I do apologise - normal service will resume by next week I trust!

Instead I have been working from my stash on this scrappy looking project - my borders are attached and I'm filling them up with Rosestar blocks.  All my pre-made ones are attached ....

.....so now I'm working on making a few new ones.

And I have been playing with fabrics sent to me - firstly by Emma aka @brianisthemessiah for Siblings Together 2016

And more recently by @simplysolids to make a baby quilt - all my blocks have been cut out from the fun nautical prints of Message in a Bottle by Suzy Ultman for Robert Kaufman....those whales with hats on are too funny!

and with kits purchased....I succumbed to the cuteness of Luna Lapin designed and kitted up by Cool Crafting.  

But I have to say it has been a lot of fun!

I do have a few scrappy projects started and have a special scrappy one I'm waiting to start....my Double Wedding Ring quilt with variations (I hope)

I have just been trying to finish off other stuff first.  

I linked up with Celine, acting as guest host for Jen's Building Blocks Tuesday

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday - June Winners!

Scraptastic Tuesday

I am a bit late in letting you know who the winners are for this month.   My apologies but if you are desperate just scroll down!  Of course you may already know from skipping over to Leanne's blog.

I have been working on my vintage circles quilt - it might take a while yet to finish.

As an antidote, I plunged into my green scrap box recently, and had fun making these scrappy blocks.    I know several of you have done similar things and I'm so glad I have at last got round to it.  

I am thinking of 'sashing' it with a solid but am not sure which one yet.

Not only that, but I finished a Finish Along project, which dates back to Fat Quarterly Retreat 2014 and my hand quilting class with the lovely Jen Kingwell

It is quite scrappy too!  I was trying to suggest birch trees with their stripey white bark!  Not beautifully displayed with my masking tape but all I have for now!

But now it's high time to announce the randomly drawn winners from the June Scraptastic Link up. First, thank you to our fantastic sponsors:

Here are the prizes and the randomly picked winners. If you are a winner, we will email you later today. You can click on the links to go to the projects by the winners:

Please join Leanne and I on the second Tuesday of July for the next Scraptastic Tuesday link up (July 14, 2015). In the meantime feel free to use the hashtag #scraptastictuesday and/or our button anytime you are sharing your scrappy projects.


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